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  • To ensure that fair labour practices that are built into collective agreements.
  • To strive for Better Wages and Conditions of Employment.
  • To promote democracy in the workplace by ensuring that workers participate in decision making processes.
  • To fight for healthy and safe working environment for all workers.
  • To fight against discriminated against on grounds of race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, disability or personal belief, the right to equality of opportunity.
  • To fight for the job security to advance the employment prospects the workers.


NEHAWU operates and organizes in the following sectors:

  • TERTIARY EDUCATION SECTOR – All employees in Universities, Technikons, Technical Colleges, Education Department. These include all employees irrespective of occupation (Doctors, Professors, Lecturers, Cleaners, and Drivers etc.).
  • PUBLIC HEALTH SECTOR – All employees in provision of Health Care in Public Institutions i.e. General Assistants, Clerks, Nurses, Doctors, Managers and Director Generals.
  • PRIVATE HEALTH SECTOR – All employees in provision of Health Care in Private Health Care Sector for all categories.
  • STATE ADMINISTRATION SECTOR – All employees in all Government Departments, Research Institutes and utilities subsidized by government and Parastatals which relate with Departments.
  • SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT SECTOR – All employees in Old Aged Homes, Children Homes, Places of Safety, Department of Social Development, Non Governmental Organisations including Administrators, Clerical Workers and Social Workers.

NEHAWU NMMU Branch encourages you as the employees to know your rights and to read the labour and employment Acts. Visit this site:

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